UniFi – 3.2.9-GA is Released for Soaking

UniFi – 3.2.9-GA will be the next official General Availability Release. We are going to put it in here to soak for a week to make sure no regressions are reported before moving to general release site.

Make sure you always do a backup before any updates, especially if you plan to upgrade your existing installation!

    Release Note

  • Bug Fixes
    From 3.2.7->3.2.9

  • UAP – Fixed a case where wireless uplink stays isolated.
  • UAP – Fixed roaming statistics.
  • UAP – Fixed wireless uplink UAP LR stays isolated after a second wireless AP joins.
  • UAPs – Fixed a regression introduced in 3.2.7(fixing a crash) on rate limiting reported from forum.
  • UAPs – Fixed wireless uplink monitor randomly resets the interfaces causing disconnects. Note, Please setup a gatway ip address if using wireless uplink. If not using wireless uplink, please disable wireless uplink monitor.
  • UAPs – Fixed some memory leak in hostapd reported from forum.
  • UAPs – Default timezone to UTC.
  • UAPs – Fixed Guest Portal appends www.google.com to promotional URL if VLAN is enabled. This fix is needed along with v3.2.9 CTRL code or higher.
  • UAPs – Fixed rate limiting not working in certain configs, regression introduced in 3.2.7 reported from forum.
  • UAPs – Fixed radius accounting rounding account stop messages reported from forum.
  • UAP Pro – Improved 5Ghz HT40 performance with Intel6300.
  • UAP AC – Corrected power display again from previous fix.
  • UAP AC – Fixed AP can not pass PPPoE traffic reported from forum.
  • UAP AC – Fixed kernel panic during heavy reset testing.
  • UAP AC – Fixed Rogue AP reported as secured when it is open.
  • UAP AC – Fixed DHCP offers containinng wrong subnet mask reported from forum.
  • UAP AC – Added hostapd support for UAP ACS to help fix some WPA/2 Enterprise Radius issues reported from forum.
  • UAP AC – Fixed rebooting issue after some stress SSID testing.
  • UAP AC – Add 11b legacy STA disable/enable support. Selecting from UI to support legacy 11b devices is now honored for UAP AC.
  • UAP AC – Fixed STA Packet/byte counts is unreasonably low.
  • UAP AC – Fixed kernel panic in certain wireless environments.
  • CTRL – Updated portal sample hotspot scripts to use tls v1 and ssl v1.
  • CTRL – Enable HT80 support in South Africa.
  • CTRL – Fixed web ui closes with error when downloading support info from chrome browser.
  • CTRL – Enable connectivity monitoring also for Zero Handoff.
  • CTRL – Fixed calendar selection is off at insight/past guest authorization reported from forum.
  • CTRL – Fixed map scaling issue with Firefox/Ubuntu.
  • CTRL – Fixed “Events” time scope filter is off.
  • CTRL – Fixed Guest Portal appends www.google.com to promotional URL if VLAN is enabled. This fix is needed along with v3.2.9 AP code or higher.
  • CTRL – Fixed Invalid Operator Account creation error in hotspot manager.
  • CTRL – Removed embargoed countries from country selection as well as removed Japan.
  • CTRL – Added some enhancement messages on roaming in logs.

Source: community.ubnt.com


  1. The Historical Data Retention bug I reported a week or so ago is still present in the latest version.

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