Fix for UniFi Controller and version 5.1.1

Good news, Everyone! The problem

<db-server> ERROR system - [exec] error, rc=141
<db-server> INFO  db     - DbServer stopped

which affected many people is solved now.

By numerous samples, testing and compiling different versions of MongoDB, the good version was found, which stably works. Just build a package with a new version of the UniFi Controller 5.1.1. It is a separate package that you can’t upgrade the usual way. Transition to the following algorithm:

  1. From the old version of Web interface, UniFi Controller save backup all the settings in a separate file;
  2. From Synology Web interface stop service old version UniFi Controller;
  3. Install the package with a new version of the UniFi Controller 5;
  4. Launching a new version of the package Controller 5 UniFi;
  5. Open the Web interface of the new version of Controller 5 UniFi;
  6. Import the backup settings in the new version;
  7. After you verify that everything works normally – you can delete the package with an older version of UniFi Controller.

I want to say thanks to all who supported me and kicked me by email. Thanks a lot for people are donated me. If someone wants to support – you can always do it here.
PS. Always make backups! Just yesterday my Synology DS713+ for backups turn on it beeper very loudly and blinking yellow LED. Web interface showed terrible, the status of RAID-0 was Crashed. It happened half an hour before the match Iceland – France. Apparently disappointed in advance when presenting the result of the meeting. But Iceland is to be congratulated! Well done!
PPS. The data is of course not injured, soon I will write how the situation was resolved.