Fix for UniFi Controller and version 5.1.1

Good news, Everyone! The problem

which affected many people is solved now.

By numerous samples, testing and compiling different versions of MongoDB, the good version was found, which stably works. Just build a package with a new version of the UniFi Controller 5.1.1. It is a separate package that you can’t upgrade the usual way. Transition to the following algorithm:

  1. From the old version of Web interface, UniFi Controller save backup all the settings in a separate file;
  2. From Synology Web interface stop service old version UniFi Controller;
  3. Install the package with a new version of the UniFi Controller 5;
  4. Launching a new version of the package Controller 5 UniFi;
  5. Open the Web interface of the new version of Controller 5 UniFi;
  6. Import the backup settings in the new version;
  7. After you verify that everything works normally – you can delete the package with an older version of UniFi Controller.

I want to say thanks to all who supported me and kicked me by email. Thanks a lot for people are donated me. If someone wants to support – you can always do it here.
PS. Always make backups! Just yesterday my Synology DS713+ for backups turn on it beeper very loudly and blinking yellow LED. Web interface showed terrible, the status of RAID-0 was Crashed. It happened half an hour before the match Iceland – France. Apparently disappointed in advance when presenting the result of the meeting. But Iceland is to be congratulated! Well done!
PPS. The data is of course not injured, soon I will write how the situation was resolved.